How to Paint Candles to Maximize Their Value & Appeal

Many people are now using decorated candles to improve their house’s aesthetic appeal. In the current world, there are a wide variety of candles. Most of the candles available in the market smell well though they look pretty impersonal. If you want to give someone a candle as a gift, then you will be required to personalize it by painting. Nevertheless, painting a candle is not an easy task. The waxy and slick surface of the candle makes it impossible to maintain the paint.

Candles are painted either directly on the wax or on the glass surrounding it. Acrylic paint is normally used to color wax, although a greater variety of options are available for painting the glassware. If the candle is meant to shimmer, then mica powder should be mixed within the liquid wax.

Most of the standard craft paints available on the market cannot stick on the candle surface well. Since candles are flammable, it is impossible to apply the paint on a piece of paper and then stick the paper to the candle. As such, you need to use a unique mixture that is designed for painting candles. It is essential to ensure that you use a suitable solution when painting a candle.

How to spray paint candles?

One of the most fantastic ways of painting candles is spray painting. Spray painting a candle saves you from going through troubles and intricacies. Below are some of the things that you will require when spray-painting candles:

1.    Lint-free cloth
2.    Acrylic craft paint
3.    Flexible stencil
4.    Painter’s tape (optional)
5.    Artist’s brushes
6.    Paper plate or small container
7.    Rubbing alcohol

For you to get the best results, use a non-scented candle. Scented candles usually have essential oils that make the surface of the candle less receptive to the paints. Paint the outer area of the candle that is far from where the wax melts to keep chemicals and paints from heat and flame.

You will also have to tape off the wick and then paint the bottom part using acrylic paint mix or sprayable milk paint to get the job effectively done. To get a unique design, you will be required to tape the candle in the right way. Different spray painting designs include monograms, painted stripes, and polka dots.

It is essential to make sure that you use the right amount of paint when painting a candle. This enables the paint to stick properly. Before you start, ensure that the sides of the candle are filled. Clean out any protruding wax that is on the sides of the candle.

Ensure that you smoothen the sides of your candle before you start painting it. It is easier to paint big and smooth candles. Also, note that it is not possible to paint candles in jars. When using paints with some alcohol, it is prudent to keep them away from the top of a candle since it can result in problems when lighting up a candle.

If you want to learn how to spray paint a candle, you will require some experience to ensure that the painting is done correctly. It is also possible to remove excess paint from the candle and then repaint it. Painting candles is a pretty fun job in passing time, and you will enjoy it.

Can you paint over candle wax?

Yes, it is possible to paint over the candle wax. All that you need is to use a unique candle painting medium mixed with acrylic paint. It is also important to note that you should not use a candle with a natural oil since the paint does not adhere to them well.

What is the best paint to use when painting over candle wax?

There are different types of paints that can be used when painting candle wax. However, using some of these paints is indeed time-consuming and complicated. As such, it is imperative to choose the right paint to use. Acrylic paint is the best paint to use for painting candle wax. For acrylic to work well, it should be mixed with a candle painting medium. 

How to Paint on Candle Wax

Materials You Will Need
•    Rubbing alcohol
•    Candle-painting medium
•    Acrylic paint
•    Masking tape
•    Small paintbrushes
•    Some white candles

Steps to follow

Clean the Candle

Clean the surface of the candle using some piece of cloth and a few drops of alcohol. Cleaning the candle removes dirt, dust, and fingerprints. This will help in ensuring that the paint sticks well on the surface.

Prepare the Paint

Use a one-to-one ratio to mix the candle painting medium with acrylic paint. Ensure that the components are thoroughly mixed before you apply the paint. If you do not want to paint some parts of the candle, you can use masking tape to tape them off. It is also possible to use masking tape to create patterns such as spiral patterns.

Apply the Paint

You can now apply the paint to the candle. Here, using a sponge or a paintbrush to apply the paint is advisable. Ensure you evenly apply the paint to avoid brush marks from being visible after the paint dries. For the paint to adhere properly to the candle, ensure you do not dilute the paint mixed with water. Ensure that you do not apply the paint near the candlewick since the temperature on the wick is high.

Is it Safe to Paint Candles with Acrylic Paint?

The main concern regarding acrylic paint is if it can be safely burned. So, is it safe to use acrylic paint? Yes, acrylic paint is very safe for use on candles. Note that you should not apply acrylic paint on the candlewick. Below are some of the acrylic paint characteristics that make it an outstanding candle paint:

1. Water-Based

Acrylics paints are water-based. If you do not dilute it, it will work as oil paint, while when you heavily dilute it, it works like a watercolor. Acrylic paints are more safe compared to oil paint since they are non-toxic and do not have a chemicals smell. Acrylics paints can also be easily washed from paintbrushes with just a little water. The best thing with Acrylics paints is that it becomes water-resistant after it dries.

2. Fast Drying

Acrylic paint takes very little time to dry, making it very useful to the artist who likes finishing the painting job quickly. Since the paint dries very fast, the artist does not have to wait for long to apply another layer of paint. While using this type of paint, you can easily correct mistakes without wasting a lot of time. If you want it to take a longer time of drying, you can add Retarders.

3. Versatility

Acrylic paint can be easily mixed with many different mediums to give different effects. You can apply paste and gels to give it the right texture while retaining its thickness. It is also possible for you to thin the paint using mediums and get a glossy shine after it dries. When varnishes are applied to dry acrylic paint, it provides a protective layer.

4. Can be used on Various Surfaces

Acrylic paints can be applied to a wide variety of surfaces. Acrylic paint can be painted on wood, pottery, glass, canvas, and even on paper. When using Acrylic paint, you do not require to prepare a canvas as you do when painting using oil paints.

How to Paint Candles with Mica Powder?

You can easily make a variety of different beautiful and unique homemade gifts using mica powder. You can use mica powder to dye a candle wax and paint finished candles using molds with a raised design or free hands.

What Is Mica Powder?

It is a slightly brown, white, gray, or yellow substance from muscovite stones. The rock that creates mica has aluminum silicate that helps in creating shimmery, sparkling flakes found on the mica powder. It colors nearly any surface that it comes into contact with. In addition to coloring candles, mica powder is also used to dye cosmetics, glass, paper, and soap. 

Dying Candles with Mica

•    Scissors
•    Wood skewer or pencil

•    Mica powder
•    Chunks or Candle wax
•    Candle molds
•    Pre-waxed candle wicks are most recommended.
•    Equipment used in wax melting
•    Tape
•    Herbs or essential oils for scent.

1.    Cut the wick with the desired size and place it on the candle mold
2.    Ensure that the base of the candle metal base lies on the bottom of the mold
3.    Lay the wood across the candle mold opening side
4.   Tape the wick to hold it straight and firmly upright
5.   Add a little amount if the mixture is very dry.
6.   Melt the wax following the guidelines.
7.   Thoroughly stir the powder into the wax when it is hot.
8.   You can add some scented herbs or oil 
9.    Put the candle mixture into the molds 
10.  When the candle hardens, you can decorate it 
11.   Mica powder givers the best result when it is mixed with alcohol


In a nutshell, painting candles is one of the most enjoyable activities one can engage in. There are different ways of decorating candles, such as spray painting, painting using mica powder, or acrylic paint. Following the above guidelines, you will be in a position to paint your candle effectively.

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