Why Is Teak So Expensive?

Teak is among the best lumbers available in the market, but it is also among the highest priced. Its high prices are attributed to the scarcity of timber in the market and regulations imposed on teak forests. In the end, teak can be a costly tree, but that is due to its durability, strength, stamina, beauty, and versatility.

Teak is expensive because it is rare and in high demand. Teak is in high demand because of its resistance to many common problems that affect woods. Most notably, teak wood resists rot, corrosion, water damage, shrinkage, and expansion quite well. So teak is uniquely suited for many hazardous conditions.

The current price for teak — almost three times the cost of comparable woods — is because there is too much demand for it on the market.

While a great timber because of its toughness, this has become a widely known fact, so much so that the price of teak has gone beyond what is considered sensible. Because teak is priced at three times that of other comparable woods, buyers will seek cheaper alternatives, reducing demand for teak and slowly bringing its price back to the norm.

The Rarity of Teak Wood

Because teak is not always readily available, there is a such high demand that it can get pretty pricey. Because teak is so durable and rugged, it usually will last for a very long time, giving you a chance to purchase some teak and still have years of enjoyment from it.

If you are in the market for teak wood furniture, you may have noticed it can get pricey, especially if you are looking for high-quality teak wood furniture. If you do not want to pay the super-high prices of getting your hands on some teak, you could purchase used teak furniture such as deck furniture and reuse it to make whatever you need. One of the first things that are going to jump out to prospective buyers is that furniture made of teak wood is consistently some of the highest priced.

The wood these companies are selling for an incredible price might be sapwood from teak, not solid, solid teak hardwood. There are a number of different types of wood with similar properties to teak. Once I learned more about different types of wood, I realized that teak does seem to have the upper hand, being much harder than the other types. People assume teak is a single wood, but there are countless different trees under teak.

Teak trees in different regions differ in qualities, like the wood’s durability, grain, and color. The teak has very high oil content, which helps to provide weather-resistant qualities to the wood. Water resistance is also why teak is used for boat decks and to create items to be used in the shower.

Everyday Furniture Products Made From Teak Wood

Teakwood is usually used in outdoor furniture because of its ability to resist weathering, although it is placed outside in the elements. Although teak outdoor furniture can get a few finishes applied, it does not have to be maintained so much as some of the cheaper types of wood. One significant benefit to choosing teak furniture is the durability of the wood.

Few other wood species match teaks beautiful appearance and longevity. The natural advantages of teak, its strength, longevity, warm color, and resilience to termites or other destructive elements, all combine to make it a highly adaptable timber. It is also highly resistant to acid staining and does not rot as fast or as severely as other woods.

Whatever you might opt for, buying a product that protects and seals your teak, so it retains the color that you desire helps keep the wood looking as good as new. For your reasons, teak wood is worth the wait and will add a new piece of furniture to your life outdoors or an awesome new canoe or fishing boat. Teak is the hardest, most challenging, most durable hardwood, making it a perfect material for long-lasting outdoor furniture.

It is an extremely hardwood, which is resistant to decay, insect infestations, and warping, and is why, since the middle ages, it has been used for boat building. The Dutch built ships with teak, which they found suitable because of its rot-resistant properties. The Dutch used this lumber to make ships; teak makes an excellent boat wood because of its resistance to drying out rot (we will talk about this in a moment).

The Positive Reputation Held by Teak Wood

Teak wood is also known for being a type of lumber that is extremely expensive because of the slow growth rate; teak can only be harvested after 20 years at the bare minimum. Teak is considered expensive compared to other Woods such as Sheesham and Sal. Teakwood is the standard against which all other woods are measured, and due to high demand for teak, many sellers will use terms such as better than teak, wood like teak, or stronger than teak at a fraction of the cost.

Wood called Nyatoh is an exotic hardwood. However, it is not nearly as tough nor durable as teak, mainly because the furniture you buy for that great price was made with sapwood instead of dried heartwood. Nyatoh Wood is an exotic hardwood but does not have the toughness or durability that teak does.

Using the right kind of teak–good-quality wood with a good amount of oils and rubber–can lead to some great pieces of furniture that will stand up to anything you bring into your house and throw against it. Because items made with Tectona Grandis are so precious, many companies sell furniture made with teak, even though it is made with less related species, or sometimes from a wood not even related to teak, which allows those products to sell for considerably lower prices.

The durability of teak is a real advantage to furniture designers, who can make several pieces that might be unviable using other, softer woods, often meaning you have more choices when it comes to teak furniture compared with a lot of different woods.

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